About Us

The Michigan Septic Tank Association is a non-profit organization consisting of Septic Tank Installers, Cleaners and Manufacturers, Sewer and Drain Cleaners, Excavators, Portable Restroom Manufacturers and Distributors and other related industries and businesses.

Association Goals
  • To be the voice of our industry.
  • To address the issue of safe affordable disposal of septage and grease trap material.
  • To keep members informed of changes that concern our industry through newsletters, meetings, annual wastewater conferences, industry in-services, random mail outs and the internet.
  • To provide general information to the public about our industry.
  • To provide a lobbyist to represent MSTA's interest in Lansing.


There's more to owning and maintaining a septic tank cleaning business than making appointments, transporting septage and managing employees. You have to worry about availability of disposal sites, Michigan Department of Environmental Quality (MDEQ) and Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) laws and regulations that are continually evolving and changing. All of which have a direct and profound effect on your business and your business practices. For these reasons and many more, MSTA strives to keeps its members in the forefront of technology and the industry through updates, training seminars and other avenues.


Like all trade associations we depend on our members input. Increased membership brings greater strength. When you join the Michigan Septic Tank Association you are just not joining an organization to say you belong to one. You are in fact becoming part of a group of individuals who truly believe in the commitment to excellence through education and improved federal and state laws. MSTA members also work toward the continual preservation and protection of Michigan's natural resources and environment. Our organization, though many years formed, is still growing and improving every day through the efforts of our dedicated members for a better future.
Together we can make things happen.


Like any organization, MSTA looks forward to the future with a powerful membership backing its progress.

MSTA is looking to add the following benefits to your membership package in the future:
  • Increased educational industry seminars and training. 12-07 Added to package
  • Endorsed insurance program through General Agency. 1-07 Added to package
Membership fees for MSTA are $225.00 annually and renew every September. New members will be charged an additional $50 one-time processing fee.  All applications are subject to board approval.
Join today!

We look forward to welcoming you and your company into our ever growing membership base as we work together for the benefit of all.