Portable Restroom Regulatory Committee

Spokesman – Ralph Bailey

Members – Joe Hall, Randy Van Rhee, Joe Williams and Whit Blakeslee


Storage & Land Application Council

Spokesman – Ray Daniels

Members – Joe Hall, Chris Sloan, Joe Williams, and Mark Scott


Newsletter Committee

Editor - Joe Williams

Co-Editor - Dave Snyder

Contributing Authors – Joe Hall, Mark Scott, Jane Tschannen & Ray Daniels


Continuing Education/Wastewater Conference

Spokesman – Mark Scott

Members – Rick Throop, Ralph Bailey, Joe Williams, Dave Snyder, Joe Hall and Misty DeJonghe


MSTA PAC Committee

Spokesman – Joe Hall

Members – Rick Throop, Joe Williams, Ralph Bailey, Dave Snyder, Chris Sloan, Mark Scott, Jane Tschannen & Ray Daniels


Legislative Committee

Spokesman – Dave Snyder

Members – Joe Hall, Joe Williams, Mark Scott, Rick Throop, Jane Tschannen and Ray Daniels


Election Committee

Spokesman - Mick Natzel Jr


Advertising Committee

Spokesman - Joe Williams

Members - Mark Scott, Dave Snyder, Joe Hall, Misty DeJonghe, Tim Moran and Jane Tschannen