Portable Restroom Regulatory Committee
Chairperson –  
Members – Randy Redmer,  Randy VanRhee, Jason Spangle,  Chris Sloan

Storage & Land Application Council
Chairperson – Ray Daniels   PH: 989-654-3199   Email:
Members – Chris Sloan,  Rodrigo Meirelles

Newsletter Committee
Editor - Karlyn Wickham, MSTA Executive Officer,
Contributing Authors – Entire MSTA Board of Directors

Continuing Education
Chairperson –  
Members –  

MSTA PAC Committee
Chairperson – Danielle Mereilles   PH. 989-379-3054   Email:
Members – Entire MSTA Board of Directors

Legislative Committee
Chairperson – Randy Redmer
Members – Casey Fiedler, Dervin Witmer, Danielle Gerdes, Nick Swihart, Tom Schunk, Rick Throop, Bill Lievense

Election Committee
Chairperson - Karlyn Wickham  PH:  989-808-8648   Email:
Members - 

Marketing Committee

Scholarship Committee
Chairperson - Karlyn Wickham PH: 989-808-8648
Members -  Rick Throop, Tom Schunk, Mick Natzel, Ray Daniels